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This is a convenient cross-reference for stories grouped by releases from a single, larger book and also for related stories in the same series. If one of the stories in a specific series is on the Wenebojo Bookcast catalog rather than Phoenix Story Hour, it is marked with a WB.

Series List with Stories on PSH
Princess Sparkle
The Best Medicine
Cupcakes, Pixies, and Other Bad Ideas
Planned Plague
Seeking the Seer
Randiculous and the Woeful Coo...
Randiculous and the Not So Com...
Mission from Boredom
Never Again
Cheese Grits in Space
Dusty Kitty
Buster Bear is Greatly Puzzled
Where Big-Horn Got His Curved Horns
What the Future Holds
Knocking Down Walls
The River Bank
Stagecoach Maverick
Sisters in the City
Hunter's Apprentice 01
Princess Sparkle and the Slipper Monsters
Elizabeth Meets the Pixies
Sticky Wickets
Preconceived Notions
Dunman Park
Elizabeth Meets the Pixies
Sticky Wickets
Preconceived Notions
Dunman Park
Kitchen Helpers
Captain Bahdu and the Glowing Box
Pixies and Bubblegum Don't Mix
Hunter's Apprentice: Training Pains
Enchanted Ornaments
The Christmas Pixie
Hunter's Apprentice: Into the Wilds
Christmas in Bear Creek
Hunter's Apprentice: Snow Trouble
Pixies on the Naughty List
A Gift from Mrs. Claus
Christmas with Desire
Mrs. Claus Checks In
Hunbots on My Six
Love and the Christmas Snowglobe
The Christmas Gift
A Shifter Walks into a Bar
Stable Gate
Feline Fashion
Toymaker Ways
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This Phoenix Story Hour is sponsored by All Chaos Press, Wenebojo, and the authors of Phoenix Prime and Phoenix Fire.