Cycle 3 - Inanna's Game Inspiration

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Welcome to Inanna’s Game - Cycle 3!!

This is Inanna’s Game. A set of story ingredients, the challenge to create a story. Creative, invigorating, and fun! The stories you create remain yours. 


Each story remains the copyrighted material of the author posting the story.


If you missed the Live IG Reveal, you can watch its trimmed form here for the next 5 days. After that, the video will be removed. Remember this is not spiffed and is provided as a courtesy for those that were unable to join.



Each story must contain at least one of the snippets of prose in the section. It is not necessary to use the component verbatim. Instead, the overall impact of it and its shape and presentation should be utilized.


Snippet 1 - The road stretched out before them, dusty but filled with the promise of adventure. It was late in the year to be traveling, and they encountered few others on their first day’s journey.


Snippet 2 - She paced the deck of her cabin, anxiously waiting for a sign from above as to what she should be doing before the coming storm. Tension rose like a cloud of stinging insects, puncturing the skin like fiery darts, and sending spangles of sharp pain through her entire body.


Snippet 3 - A siren cried out at dusk. After a few seconds, more sirens added their voices in a cacophony of sound. Waves washed over the shore, adding a soothing under-message, as the water exploded with seagulls all fleeing at the same moment.



The places or scenes defined in this section also need to be incorporated into the story. Once again, a minimum of one must be woven into your tale. It is not required to use the component verbatim, but nothing that contravenes what is listed here should be put into your work.


Scenario 1 – Red and blue flashed against the walls, and a wail could be heard. Footsteps pounded toward the cry of agony. People congregated on the prone figure in the center of the area, trying to help, but mostly getting in each others’ way. Slowly, the painfilled sounds lost volume, as willing assistance was offered.


Scenario 2 – The lava flowed like water, ripping channels of fiery heat in the vulnerable skin of the land. The trapped vessel was filled with a crew that knew that unless something was done, they and the passengers were going to die soon, and badly. The acrid smell of hot sulfur made breathing difficult, and the ash wafting on the super-heated wind scour the skin


Scenario 3 – Sterile clean lines, and what appeared to be miles of glass, made the building look larger than it was. Only because of the light mist or fog made any spatial awareness possible. Vertigo was a real danger, as the rising elevator traveled through the fog to an isolated, suspended ornament filled with living beings.



The characters described in the section are the third requirement for the story. You may pick one or more of them, but each character included in your tale from this list must act believably, given their background, stated appearance, or limitations.


Character 1 – A man in the prime of his life with glittering, coal-black eyes and hair that settled like a crow’s wings. He held himself rigidly upright, with no sign of slouch or bend. While the area was crowded, space was empty surrounding him. Secretly, he cannot resist gold in any form. Driven entire family away and is just now realizing how lonely he actually is. Has a limp from an old injury that he refuses to talk about.


Character 2 – The woman was short and fit-looking. She had a sly smile that always gave people the impression she was up to something even if she was just standing in line. Unexpected melodious voice, deeper than usual, hates jazz and purple fruit. Red hair, compassionate, but unwilling or unable to admit to it.


Character 3 – Hurt so many times before, he was unwilling to allow anyone into his life. His walls of protection were supported by aggressive behavior and viciousness, driving others away before they could reject or harm him. Craving interaction, his mind was torn between fears and desires.


Character 4 – The Mystic was an intense, compelling individual. Their deep voice was almost hypnotic, and they were skilled at soothing conflict. Unfortunately, their youth made it hard for them to find people who would take their offer of aid seriously.


Enjoy! Create! And have FUN!!


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