Cycle 4 Reveal!

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Welcome to Inanna’s Game - Cycle 4!!

This is Inanna’s Game. A set of story ingredients, the challenge to create a story. Creative, invigorating, and fun! The stories you create remain yours. 


Each story remains the copyrighted material of the author posting the story.



Each story must contain at least one of the snippets of prose in the section. It is not necessary to use the component verbatim. Instead, the overall impact of it and its shape and presentation should be utilized.


Snippet 1 - Crackling lightning chased across the sky, like a harbinger of a storm to come. The grey-green clouds promised heavy weather and extended as far as the eye could see. The chill wind ruffled exposed hair, and goosebumps were painfully lifted on any uncovered skin.

Snippet 2 - The sun rose as they awoke, and the new day welcomed them. Trailing fingers of heat penetrated both their skin and the land. Encased in the warmth and welcome of the planet, everyone felt energized and ready for a new day.

Snippet 3 - The sound of rocket engines echoed through the sterile waiting room. The tension was chokingly deep in the chamber and the window reverberated with both the roar outside and the wailing of mourners



The places or scenes defined in this section also need to be incorporated into the story. Once again, a minimum of one must be woven into your tale. It is not required to use the component verbatim, but nothing that contravenes what is listed here should be put into your work.


Scene 1 - Sprawling verdant grasses were soft underfoot, with a bright blue sky peppered with the rainbow colors of many balloons.  Cheerful voices were raised in laughter, contributing to ramped-up anticipation.

Scene 2 - Handbags flashed, and high heels and Doc Martins stomped. One decorated purse crashed to the ground, and a collection of lucky daubers sprayed to roll on the floor in every direction. A scramble ensued with the coveted items disappearing faster than the owner could attempt to retrieve them. A scandalized scream rent the air, "My seat!"

Scene 3 - A small boy, running through a snow-covered forest, shivering with cold and excitement as he chased the yipping tiny animal, which was chasing after larger prey. Tendrils of frost hung from his nose, and from the sweat-darken hat brim. His many medals of accomplishment in the young scout organization jangled on his hat, creating a musical litany as he ran. The boy panted, steam rising as he hurried unaware of any danger.



The characters described in the section are the third requirement for the story. You may pick one or more of them, but each character included in your tale from this list must act believably, given their background, stated appearance, or limitations.


Character 1 - It was a cuddly creature with a warmth of manner that let a visitor know how welcome they were. It had a harmonic purring that pulled stress from muscles and sinews in an almost magical wave. Delicate fur was silken to the touch without a clinging, cloying adherence. Easily startled by loud noises, everyone was careful to move without rushing. They loved strawberries to the point of ecstasy.

Character 2 - The woman was middle-aged, quiet, but wearing a ten-gallon hat and a defiant attitude. The heels of her boots echoed against that wooden floor as she marched toward the door with the focus that was laser-tight. Only when she came to an obvious crack in the floor did her path divert. Unwilling to step over the crack, the superstitious woman swung in a large arc and went around it. Anyone that saw her coming had learned to appear busy and not look directly in her face.

Character 3 - Unapologetically defiant, the young one stood in front of the gathered crowd, refusing to back down and surrender their companion. Their bare feet dug into the ground feeling the vibrations around them. Braced for darting evasion, if needed, or even a quick defensive kick, the handclasp between friends was firm and committed. Her bag of treasured miniatures tied to her belt, she hunched her small shoulders, ready to fight or flee. Loyalty and a determination to persevere despite low status kept her expression firm and her emotions clear.

Enjoy! Create! And have FUN!!


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