Cycle 10 - Reveal

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Welcome to Inanna’s Game - Cycle 10!!


This is Inanna’s Game. A set of story ingredients, the challenge to create a story. Creative, invigorating, and fun! The stories you create remain yours. 


Each story remains the copyrighted material of the author posting the story.



Each story must contain at least one of the snippets of prose in the section. It is not necessary to use the component verbatim. Instead, the overall impact of it and its shape and presentation should be utilized.


Snippet 1 - A slithering sound of rasping scales raised the hair on the back of their necks. A musky, acrid odor made it hard for them to breathe. Terrified, all but two of their party cling to each other in mindless fear, whimpering uncontrollably. Pushing their smallest members to the center, the two unaffected by the press of fear glanced around looking for a weapon. Suddenly, a creature appeared, looking like everyone’s worst nightmare.


Snippet 2 - The joyful atmosphere was dotted with the high-pitched squeals of happy children. The brassy sounds of calliopes playing and the grunting roars of circus animals formed the backdrop to the noise of the crowd. Permeating the atmosphere like an edible echo, the wonderful aromas of popcorn and cotton candy were mouthwatering. Everyone who walked the path between the different tents found themselves smiling in celebration.


Snippet 3 - The rumble faded as the last of the falling rocks crashed to a halt in the valley. As the dust began to settle, the survivors could see that the avalanche had exposed some surprises. The first of them was a tunnel mouth, gaping with a shadow unpenetrated by the surrounding light. Running along the pathway of the avalanche was a wide ribbon of softly gleaming metal, punctuated in various places by the eye-catching crystalline shine. It took a little bit of examination to see the third object uncovered. Unlike the organic forms and the nature-carved shapes, this was a structure that showed signs of being constructed by someone or something. With lines that were straight and corners that varied from right-angled to more rounded forms, when once seen, it held the mind with haunting questions.



The places or scenes defined in this section also need to be incorporated into the story. Once again, a minimum of one must be woven into your tale. It is not required to use the component verbatim, but nothing that contravenes what is listed here should be put into your work.


Scene 1 - There was a chair positioned squarely in front of an ornate full-length mirror. An individual was sitting in the seat looking into the mirror but sees someone entirely unexpected and different staring back at them. As their gazes lock, steam starts to rise out of the mirror, and blood trickles down one edge. The image in the mirror rears back, and a look of terror crosses the stranger’s face before the mirror shatters into a thousand pieces. There’s a shocked pause, and total silence before an eerie sound is heard, and the shards of glass start to flow back toward the mirror and reassemble.


Scene 2 - The courtyard was sun-dappled with a cobblestone pathway that wandered through the extensive gardens. In the central square was a pond, sparkling in the sunlight and flecked with colors of the fish that swam unceasingly under the clear blue water. The fish were unusual in shape, looking like nothing else on the planet. A flying creature came in for a landing and began to paddle across to some luxurious grass. Without warning, it was yanked down below the surface so quickly the beast didn’t have time to make a sound.


Scene 3 - The hotel was exclusive, the only one of its type on the planet. While guests could enter at the ground level, all the rooms were buried deeply with panoramic views of the local aquatic life. A faint smell of aromatic seaweed filled the lobby, and the arriving guests were greeted by a female holding a tray of glowing orange drinks. The structure stretched for a full mile, wending its way through the ocean, curving around the beautiful coral reef.



The characters described in the section are the third requirement for the story. You may pick one or more of them, but each character included in your tale from this list must act believably, given their background, stated appearance, or limitations.


Character 1 - A business owner sees the others in their community driven out of business, one by one. Every time they turn around, another organization has bitten the dust. Frightened but determined to persevere, the fragile-looking being decides to go on the offensive. Soft-spoken and conciliatory, no one has ever seen them as capable of becoming aggressive. When someone they care about becomes a casualty of this commercial conflict, a retired accountant turned commerce soldier takes on big business.


Character 2 - A computer hacker, thrilled with their abilities and anxious to see all the challenges that they can defeat, finds something truly dangerous. Tall and awkward, just coming into control of their maturing body, they attempt to find someone to warn but are incarcerated instead. No one will listen to them until computers all over the planet begin to act strangely. They keep hearing a humming in the back of their brain and don’t know if they’re going insane or if they have somehow become infected. Now thoroughly terrified, they are surprised when they are approached by the last person in the world that they expected to talk to them.


Character 3 - The secretary at the front desk always has a smile on her face and possesses a helpful attitude. Everybody she comes into contact with seems to like her, and she is happy with all the friends that she is made. She will go the extra mile for anyone and tries to make sure that their anticipated needs are met. Also, she tries to make sure that they get what they really require. Curly-haired and big-eyed, she thought the best of everyone and does not understand evil.


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