Cycle 11 - Reveal!

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Welcome to Inanna’s Game - Cycle 11!!


This is Inanna’s Game. A set of story ingredients, the challenge to create a story. Creative, invigorating, and fun! The stories you create remain yours. 


Each story remains the copyrighted material of the author posting the story.



Each story must contain at least one of the snippets of prose in the section. It is not necessary to use the component verbatim. Instead, the overall impact of it and its shape and presentation should be utilized.


Snippet 1 - He had made a deal with the devil, but it was the best he could come up with. He just hoped that he was the one who was going to have to pay rather than any of those that he loved or cared about. Fire ran rampant in his stomach at the thought of how many of his principles he had betrayed. Everything he had done, he had done for the good of his group. He just did not expect anyone to remember that when the bill came due.


Snippet 2 - Sitting alone at the kitchen table, the person heard the dog next door barking. No other noises were coming from outside. The chill running down their spine was enhanced by the freezing wind which had suddenly blown the window open.


Snippet 3 - A glowing light painted the walls with soft colors of the rainbow. Peace clung to every one that passed through the area, lasting long after they had gone. The transition to real-life was jarring, leaving the traveler with an urgent desire to return.





The places or scenes defined in this section also need to be incorporated into the story. Once again, a minimum of one must be woven into your tale. It is not required to use the component verbatim, but nothing that contravenes what is listed here should be put into your work.


Scene 1 - The crowd grew unruly as the speaker's words finished. Two sides of a debate formed, as opinions divided. The noise rose as emotions flared. In an effect to disarm the rising tension, the people outside of the arguing groups quickly formed a buffering line. The big chamber echoed with the reverberating shouts, almost blotting out the calmer calls for peace.


Scene 2 - The rickety stairs led down to a dank, musty smelling basement. The tiny, dirty windows did little to illuminate the space. To the left at the bottom of the stairs was a humongous switch.


Scene 3 - Waves rolled across the sand, and a gentle breeze waves the tall grasses along the sand ridge. A couple was walking their dog several yards to the left, and on the right, a family sprawled out over the sand in a large circle with three children digging in its center.


Scene 4 - The sign out front read "Vacancy," and the building behind it was gorgeous. Someone had taken great care to paint the old Victorian home in cheerful colors. Sweet smells of flowers came from the gardens, and delicious aromas signaled food.




The characters described in the section are the third requirement for the story. You may pick one or more of them, but each character included in your tale from this list must act believably, given their background, stated appearance, or limitations.


Character 1 - Despite being skilled in matters of voice and instrument, this woman was also capable in cases of law and mediation. Respected in the community, she was also valued by those in positions of power. Her voice was light and mesmerizing. Even the birds would stop singing to listen to her. She held everyone's attention no matter what subject she was talking about. No one would ever know how frightened she felt every time she had to get up in front of an audience.


Character 2 - The female was impeccably groomed and well versed in every sort of cooking and baking a person could learn. She had a list of regular clientele who happily collected their ordered goods from her back porch. Groceries came by messenger, and for all intents and purposes, the female was a great success in her life and business. No one realized that until today she had hadn't left her home in over 20 years. The delicious aromas of baking bread clung to her like an expensive perfume. She adores cats or iguanas.


Character 3 - The aging veteran was standing tall, memories of long ago days of boot camp racing through his memory.  He tried not to flinch as a balloon popped in the parade passing by. Some part of him longed to be young again, but the pain of his past frightened him too much.


Character 4 - She was new in town and did not know where to go to find any of the items for her new house. She thought it was her own fault for buying it sight unseen. The neighbors were smiling, but no one really came to talk to her. Deciding to start at the library in her search for a map and local information, she was surprised at her reception.

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