Cycle 2 - Inanna's Game Starts Full Cycle!

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Welcome to Inanna's Game - Cycle 2!!


This is Inanna's Game. A set of story ingredients, the challenge to create a story. Creative, invigorating, and fun! The stories you create remain yours. 


Each story remains the copyrighted material of the author posting the story.




Each story must contain at least one of the snippets of prose in the section. It is not necessary to use the component verbatim. Instead, the overall impact of it and its shape and presentation should be utilized.


  • Snippet 1 - The object began to glow, drawing me across the room, the hum in the room that seemed to emit from the object, repulsed me. It was almost as much a push as the pull from the glow.
  • Snippet 2 - The air currents shifted and she smelled the spicy aromas of the street vendors. She had just arrived and was surprised by the reception party. It was not at all what she had been told would happen. With a sudden lurch of her gut, dismay washed over her with overwhelming pressure.
  • Snippet 3 - It was uncontrollable! No matter how she turned, it knocked things over, pushed people around, and frightened small children and pets. Although it felt pleasant on the skin, anyone that bumped it felt the opposite.



The places or scenes defined in this section also need to be incorporated into the story. Once again, a minimum of one must be woven into your tale. It is not required to use the component verbatim, but nothing that contravenes what is listed here should be put into your work.


  • Scenario 1 – The golf course was pristine, trimmed grass immaculate. Even the rough looked raked. Suddenly, the longer grass by the pond began to sway and a massive snout emerged, followed by the reptilian head of an immense alligator.
  • Scenario 2 – There was a smell of sulfur in the air, combining with the luxuriant aroma of buttered popcorn. The night was warm and felt sticky with moisture, and the grass was cool against the skin. Anticipation sat like a cloud that even the mosquitos did not disturb. Suddenly, a blast of sound and light spangled the sky.
  • Scenario 3 – The sun beat down, blazing hot, increasing the natural odors of the surrounding vegetation. The smell was so intense that it was distracting and confusing. The combination of the heat shimmer and the odors multiplied the disorientation. Shelter would need to be found before it got even hotter, but there were few places free of the dangerous pollen that floated everywhere.



The characters described in the section are the third requirement for the story. You may pick one or more of them, but each character included in your tale from this list must act believably, given their background, stated appearance, or limitations.


  • Character 1 – Bumbling person, whose behavior conceals a sharp mind and a hunter's focus. Constantly dressed as if just wakened, or dressed in a dark closet. Loves strange combinations of colors, abhors overcooked vegetables, avoids walking on slippery surfaces. Their eyes flutter and they gesture vaguely with hands while talking.
  • Character 2 – Disciplined, overwrought, trying to cover lack of confidence in current job, slow to anger, intense fury reaction, like an elephant, never forgot. Highly valued at work, provokes strong reactions from coworkers, learning knitting as stress management technique.
  • Character 3 – Loyal and responsive creature, does not always comprehend words and thoughts as intended. Oblivious to the unexpected consequences of its actions, but well-meant. Alternates between needing to be close and craving alone time. Adores sweet things and will pretty much do anything for them. Collects an odd assortment and is quite protective of its stash.

Enjoy! Create! And have FUN!!

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