Available Bookcasts

Wenebojo's Available Bookcasts

When the stories from the Storyteller are available, they will be found in this evergrowing catalog. The catalog will allow you a choice to experience them in order, or by subject, tag, or author.

Although they are not here yet, the storyteller is busy getting the bookcasts ready for you. Look at our "In the Works" section for the names of stories and books that are in production. 

An opportunity for promotion and a radical change in job responsibilities form the framework of this..
A young woman and her companion dragon are flying! The training is paying off and their bond is grow..
Xila Makes a Friend New
Xila is off to Earth to stay with his mother's business partner's family while the two women go off ..
The final graduation exercise for a pair of university students takes a surprising set of turns and ..
Monster Alert New
Six-year-old Risha is happy to help in her parent's magic shop. But when the dragonstone necklace bu..