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When the stories from the Storyteller are available, they will be found in this evergrowing catalog. The catalog will allow you a choice to experience them in order, or by subject, tag, or author.

Although they are not here yet, the storyteller is busy getting the bookcasts ready for you. Look at our "In the Works" section for the names of stories and books that are in production. 

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Harlow McCready is confused, disoriented, and wondering "Where am I?"..

Do You Remember Me?

Wistful examination of memory pulls on the heartstrings and reminds us of the importance of the inta..


Denzel has made enough money that he can check out of the maddening race of life and step back from ..

First Trip

An opportunity for promotion and a radical change in job responsibilities form the framework of this..

Gather Round the Queen

Queen Deborah is getting tired as she explains how the hive works to her children...


The household was adjusting to the new cat. Lots of hissing from the other cats, new balance with th..

Grandma's Attic

Marcella loved to explore Grandma's attic. One lazy day found her digging away and guess what? She ..

Halloween Action Figures

This flash fiction from a great Phoenix Prime author is an amusing supershort that still manages to ..

Halloween in Bakersfield

Mackenzie and his delightful daughter Gabby enjoying their Halloween traditions...

Halloween Valentine

Halloween, the night when the veil between this world and the one behind it is the thinnest. For Mor..

Hunter's Moon Magic

What happens when a pizza delivery witch meets up with a jerk in a red Porsche? Tabby Evans was zip..

I Need it Now

Online shopping goes awry and threatens a loving couple's relationship...

I've got an App for that!

Greer, the mermaid, learns a valuable lesson after Duff gives her the first cell phone with lots of ..

Joey the Road Hog

Middle Grade For a young skateboarder named Joey, living in a small town means anything you do gets ..

Knit One Claw Two

The end of one phase of our life and the start of a new one is like the turning of the years. This l..

Legal til you're caught

Adventures in bootlegging! What could possibly go wrong when driving illegal liquor across state lin..

Living in a Lonely World

After twenty years, his mother's marriage brings TJ Light back to Harper's Mill, New Jersey. His hom..

Love and a Good Dog

Sometimes, second chances at love need to have help! And what better help can you get than a beloved..

Magical Acorn Caper

Anticipation makes an event more appreciated. Quinn is on pins and needles, waiting for a special de..

Making a Difference with the Grifter Sisters

Seventeen-year-old Sammie Theroux goes to a local shelter to adopt a cat for Christmas. What she dis..

Midnight Walk

Memories and shadows of a previous stage of life...

Miracle at the Third on Fourth Street Cafe

Recently widowed Mary Baldwin is out for a walk one day when she meets an elderly gentleman with a w..

Monster Alert

Six-year-old Risha is happy to help in her parent's magic shop. But when the dragonstone necklace bu..

Morning Comes

Each day is a new opportunity, a fresh beginning...

Mouse Dance

Savannah becomes a mouse and finds excitement and joy in everyday things...

Must Like Dogs

There was a dog on Amity Parker's enclosed patio. Again. You would think that fences would keep thi..

Ocean Dance

Savannah's imagination takes her below the sea...

Paisley Makes Coffee

Paisley makes Grandpa's coffee for the first time..

Paisley the Cereal Killer

A play on words makes Paisley stand out even more than usual...

Paisley's Blue Eyes

Paisley learned how she got her eye color..

Paisley's Cold

Paisley has a cold and an unusual observation about eels and certain flavors of Popsicle..

Paisley's Ice Race

Ice skate race between Wheels and Paisley...