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Wenebojo's Available Bookcasts

When the stories from the Storyteller are available, they will be found in this evergrowing catalog. The catalog will allow you a choice to experience them in order, or by subject, tag, or author.

Although they are not here yet, the storyteller is busy getting the bookcasts ready for you. Look at our "In the Works" section for the names of stories and books that are in production. 

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Payment in Kind

The Badger Hole Bar is always busy. Sometimes people can pay, others cannot. Those that truly want ..

Randiculous and Speed Dating

When Randiculous' brothers harass him into attending a speed dating event, he finds out what can hap..

Randiculous Close Shave

Some days just start out wrong! A shaving mishap and a unexpected reflection push Rannon into an ear..

Rocks and Puppies

A father tries an innovative way to teach his daughter responsibility and is surprised by her compas..

Savannah Makes a Dogs Day

Savannah gets an idea when she imagines herself a dog and provides a warm-hearted adventure that bri..

Savannah the Butterfly

Savannah imagines herself as a butterfly and learns something new about her brother Calvin...

Seeing or Seering

Ever wonder if you’re daydreaming or seeing what you want ? For one late lunch, this man couldn’t d..

Sky Dancing

What would it be like to fly? Savannah images herself as a bird, wheeling through the air on the bre..

Slip into the Bookstore off State Street

There is a book store off State Street, under the elevated tracks, that appears when it is needed. D..

Sounds in the Dark

The quiet of a sleeping house, a book, and a fire in the fireplace. All parts of a relaxed evening a..

Spooks and Wolves

This is a short about Ben and Stephanie before she is abducted by werewolves and their lives spin ou..

Spring Picnic

After a rough winter, the signs of spring bring a welcome feeling of relief and joy. The sun is shin..

Supper Surprise

Share memories of growing up poor but happy in rural Pennsylvania, and the lessons children can teac..

The Birds and the Bees with the Grifter Sisters

While Sammie Theroux is out for a walk one day, she watches a life and death struggle in the woods...

The Bride Whisperer

A mail-order bride and peach cobbler come together to create a sensual delight...

The Cranky Rose Bush

What happens when an uptown rose meets a downtown ladybug?..

The First Dragon Dies

In the universe of the Mongrel, the origin of humans is tied to the Dragonkind. Faint memories of th..

The Owl and the Pussy Cat Reborn

A delightful nonsense poem by Edward Lear and reborn by Calla Adler, this is just the thing to make ..

The Perfect Boyfriend

If a person doesn't have a social media account, are they even real?..

The Proper Amenities

Bailey Wilson is enjoying a cruise to the Bahamas for her tenth class reunion. But an unexpected tur..

Trick or Treat in Bakersfield

A fun super short about adventures on Halloween...

Walkin' the Dog

Teenagers just think that they know everything!..

Wee Tree

One tree learns there is something beyond life and limb...

Welcoming the Unexpected

Every story of becoming a mother is a little different...

Xila Makes a Friend

Xila is off to Earth to stay with his mother's business partner's family while the two women go off ..