A decadent letter, the English C holds so many different things that touch our senses. Chocolate, cream, cookies, coffee, cuddles, and cats. The evocative words tingle your tastebuds and roughen your skin with goosebumps. All of the tales in this category have titles that start with the letter C.

Courageously cuddle your cat and sip your cocoa or coffee. Sit on the couch, contemplate the cosmos, and curl up around the stories found here.

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Calvin's Wee Dragon

Rannon's younger brother Calvin has a magic moment...

Cat Haiku

Ever wonder what your cats are telling you? Perhaps they are reciting poetry! If they were, it migh..

Cat Nap

Savannah sees a whole new world when she imagines that she is a house cat...

Cat Pose

Yoga and Special Forces Shifters. Everyone needs a chance to relax and stretch. The interaction of t..

Circus, Circus

Nova and Winn Tok are growing up in Romania with their family’s traveling circus. Although circus li..

Crystal Chandelier

In the old western town of Tribilane, Tricia Holt’s dancing rainbows have greeted many mail-order br..

Crystal's Confections

Friends in the kitchen! What is a stronger bonding than working together to create food?..

Crystal's Conviction

Faith is a matter for each individual. When Crystal decides that God answers all of her prayers, her..