Silly, although it may be, many readers find themselves drawn to the sibilance and excitement of words that start with S. Exploring the range of sensory input and the far-reaching trails of imagination, the letter S can be in turn sappy, sensual, or scary. One of the most common letters to initiate a name or title, this letter quickly gathers a large group of similar entities together and siphons strength from the symphony of sounds.

So come be scared, be seduced, and be starstruck with the tales in this category.

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Savannah the Butterfly

Savannah imagines herself as a butterfly and learns something new about her brother Calvin...

Seeing or Seering

Ever wonder if you’re daydreaming or seeing what you want ? For one late lunch, this man couldn’t d..

Slip into the Bookstore off State Street

There is a book store off State Street, under the elevated tracks, that appears when it is needed. D..

Sounds in the Dark

The quiet of a sleeping house, a book, and a fire in the fireplace. All parts of a relaxed evening a..

Spring Picnic

After a rough winter, the signs of spring bring a welcome feeling of relief and joy. The sun is shin..