And the winner is… the letter T! Partially with the assistance of the word "the", the letter T is the favorite for starting any story title. This versatile letter of the English language can be in turn assertive by itself or moderated by the assistance of the ever-cooperative H or R. Quite happy to work in twinned mode for words like little and battle, the myriad ways that this common letter fits into the English language makes it a close runner-up for frequency with its older sibling, the letter E.

Twinkly toes and turbocharged delivery mean that the cadence of speech benefits greatly from the titled tales in this category.

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The Bride Whisperer

A mail-order bride and peach cobbler come together to create a sensual delight...

The Change

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a werewolf? This Super Short brings that alive with an evo..

The Perfect Boyfriend

If a person doesn't have a social media account, are they even real?..