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Wenebojo's Upcoming Bookcasts

The stories that are shown in this area are those that will soon be added to the ever-expanding catalog of the tales from the Storyteller. The tales listed here include original books and stories of various lengths and cover diverse genres. 

As soon as a story is set into the All Chaos Press production process, it will be shown in the appropriate month, so that you can see when those that match your interest or curiosity will be upcoming. This is a fluid placement, with some stories speeding through the complex process and others that take a bit more time to meet our standards.

Although they are in the production process during the identified month, it does not necessarily mean that the story will be available in that month. However, it does indicate the approximate release. Wenebojo is currently scheduling stories for the upcoming 4 months. Our talented authors are producing more each week, and so the list grows. 

It is the current goal to release a minimum of 140 hours of new bookcasts each month. Although ambitious, it is our belief that it will allow us to offer an ever-fresh and evolving catalog of stories to amuse you and invite you into the wonderful worlds of the Phoenix Prime authors.

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A Cherry in the Hand is Worth Two on the Dress

Braden Decker has a surprise for his mom, but his sister Isabelle has a bigger surprise in store for..

A Conversation

A short followup to Prometheus Rescue..

A Demonic Disturbance

A random series of attacks, or part of a more sinister plot? The Daemonicon has been stolen. Jack an..

A Dish Served Sweet

The Sons of Dmitry have been up to their usual mischief and mayhem. But this time, they've gone too ..

A Dose of Medicine for the Grifter Sisters

After fleeing Philadelphia, Hannah and Sammie wind up in Apple Blossom, NC. The small town seems ide..

A Ghostly Dare

Hide and seek just got a spectral twist. Zoey’s favorite frenemy, Penny Simcox, is in desperate nee..

A Heightened Sense of Excitement

Tara Andrews is an ordinary woman who has a secret that makes this an unusual day, and even the thou..

A HOLE Workday

Bureaucracy, espionage, and assassination are no strangers here in the forest, where the unexpected ..

A Home for her Hawk

A single mom burned by love + a sexy hawk shifter with a life-altering injury = a love they can’t de..

A Home for the Grifter Sisters

Finally back in Apple Blossom, North Carolina, Hannah and Sammie still have another lesson to learn...

A Home for the Queen

A short intro story for the Badger Hole Dirty Bucket Brewery..

A Jersey Tomato

Rejected once too many times, Olivia Evans takes matters into her own hands to convince August Jacob..

A Kitten-in-Waiting New

A Kitten-in-Waiting

Even the ever cheerfully Wynn has days, or weeks when life is challenging. With an experience that h..

A Magical Adventure

When Rafe contracts a magical sickness, what else can his friends do but set off to find magic and h..

A Magical Awareness

Tristin's mother has fallen ill. No Sage can save her. In his grief, his father believes only magic ..

A Magical Crisis

The crazed Queen of the Grand Kingdom wishes to rule all of Magicae. Her biggest obstacle? Gavin, Mi..

A Magical Disaster

Gavin, Millie, Ethan, and Rafe barely have time to celebrate when they're plunged into yet another m..

A Magical Journey

Gavin, Ethan, and Millie have faced so much already and more hardships are to come. They have accom..

A Magical Misadventure

Millie and her friends remain stuck in the past. Luckily, a wyvern is willing to make a deal. Recove..

A Magical Odyssey

It is more than past time for Ethan, Millie, and Gavin to return home to save Rafe. Only one problem..

A Magical Scheming

Queen Tatiana Diurant is determined to be the most feared queen of all. First, she spreads a rumor t..

A Magical Sickness

Rafe and his four friends love to get into trouble. When they suggest they finally explore an abando..

A Mama for Paisley

Paisley sets out to find a Mama, even getting the help of Santa...

A Mongrel's Curse

The Mongrel. He’s the guy that gets sought after for the scary shit, when those religious hunters a..

A Pit Bull Named Desire - Journal 2

When a single mom goes to pick up a cat from a shelter, she meets a pit bull named Desire...

A Royal Arrangement

The Crown Prince of Yedan, His Royal Highness Prince Obataiye, needs a bride. Scratch that, he needs..

A Royal Reunion

Girls like her don’t get to be Cinderella… Emi Adebayo is a servant’s daughter. On the island of Ye..

A Shifter Walks into a Bar

Twenty-year-old leopard shifter Jessie Campos is coming home from Vietnam in December of 1968. Will ..