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Wenebojo's Upcoming Bookcasts

The stories that are shown in this area are those that will soon be added to the ever-expanding catalog of the tales from the Storyteller. The tales listed here include original books and stories of various lengths and cover diverse genres. 

As soon as a story is set into the All Chaos Press production process, it will be shown in the appropriate month, so that you can see when those that match your interest or curiosity will be upcoming. This is a fluid placement, with some stories speeding through the complex process and others that take a bit more time to meet our standards.

Although they are in the production process during the identified month, it does not necessarily mean that the story will be available in that month. However, it does indicate the approximate release. Wenebojo is currently scheduling stories for the upcoming 4 months. Our talented authors are producing more each week, and so the list grows. 

It is the current goal to release a minimum of 140 hours of new bookcasts each month. Although ambitious, it is our belief that it will allow us to offer an ever-fresh and evolving catalog of stories to amuse you and invite you into the wonderful worlds of the Phoenix Prime authors.

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What Time Is It Mr Wolf

Winn Tok and friend Kevin follow up on the cyber attack on Gurke Pharmaceuticals but somehow everyth..

When the Cat Comes Calling

When a kitten is left on Karl's doorstep, his life changes in a way he never imagined...

When This You See

Orenda Tok grieves her son Artur’s death and holds the tangible signs of his brief but beautiful lif..

White Birch

When a White Birch adopts a human family it is for life...

White Rabbit

Artur Tok gets left behind and teaches his family an important lesson..

Winter Storm

A new home, a new life. Kjersten and her family were working hard to establish their farm in the wi..

Wynn's Kitten

Even the ever cheerfully Wynn has days, or weeks when life is challenging. With an experience that h..


First Chapter of Solaris as a sneak peak...

Zoey's Story

Everything changed for Zoey Kane the day a blonde in a flamingo-pink Cadillac pulled up to her house..