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Wenebojo's Upcoming Bookcasts

The stories that are shown in this area are those that will soon be added to the ever-expanding catalog of the tales from the Storyteller. The tales listed here include original books and stories of various lengths and cover diverse genres. 

As soon as a story is set into the All Chaos Press production process, it will be shown in the appropriate month, so that you can see when those that match your interest or curiosity will be upcoming. This is a fluid placement, with some stories speeding through the complex process and others that take a bit more time to meet our standards.

Although they are in the production process during the identified month, it does not necessarily mean that the story will be available in that month. However, it does indicate the approximate release. Wenebojo is currently scheduling stories for the upcoming 4 months. Our talented authors are producing more each week, and so the list grows. 

It is the current goal to release a minimum of 140 hours of new bookcasts each month. Although ambitious, it is our belief that it will allow us to offer an ever-fresh and evolving catalog of stories to amuse you and invite you into the wonderful worlds of the Phoenix Prime authors.

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Let Down your Hair

A take on the anthousa xanthousa chrisomalousa Fairy Tale When Blossom Romaine takes her mom to the..

Life is a Banquet

Quinn Donnelly Fenstermacher had been delivered an unprecedented blow. Does she succumb to the floor..

Lights, Camera, Murder

Near Charli's posh Santa Monica condo looms a 1920's abandoned hotel filled with murderous secrets. ..

Live to Die

Feeder for Solaris, Star Streaker #1. An exclusive story for newsletter subscribers...

Lost and Found

Winn Tok struggles after having been a victim of a violent crime on her college campus. She spends a..

Love at First Flight

Jake Fleming meets the girl of his dreams on his first flight, well it was his first for a lot of th..

Love's Fortune

When Elizabeth joins the circus as their fortune-teller, she finds playing the role of Lady Raven an..

Loved by Beauty

Home for her brother’s wedding, what is Isabelle Decker to do when her former best friend and high s..

Maiden Passages New

Maiden Passages

Tichiba narrates the story of her life as a wise woman of the Iceni tribe starting in year one...

Make Room for Jimothy

On a Halloween weekend in North Carolina, a theater ghost has a message to send...

Midnight Honey

Twenty-eight-year-old author, Willow Jones inherits her foster mother's bee farm in Apple Blossom, N..


Life isn’t fair. Alex dreams of being modified and moving to the upper levels of New Detroit. There,..

Modified Beginnings

The world is a dangerous place. Ryan lives with the elites in Detroit, looking down on those less pr..

Mother's View of Wenebojo

add can be under pen name Amanda David (since it is family)..

Mr. Half-Pill

A date from hell. Without the demons...

Murder By Magic

Lacey Ling and her dead ex-boyfriend are tossed into another case, when she's asked to investigate r..

Murder Sliced to Perfection

When Greenville's most beloved sandwich maker is stabbed to death in the back of his shop, Gia Rizzo..

Murder with a Side of Lies

Gia Rizzo has a lot on her plate. (Double bacon cheeseburger not included) She and her furry compani..


You can’t escape who you are. Nashota’s goals were simple: to be a regular college student and earn..

Nobodies Hero but Mine

Daisy Murray, the new waitress at Toi's Cafe had definitely intrigued TeeJohn Scott. But when he and..

Oblique Descension

Nova Tok is mistaken for her twin, Winn, who is a paid assassin. Winn bailed on a job and to save he..

Of Cinder and Madness

Cinderella's powers will destroy the Kingdom of Fantasia, and the only one who can save the kingdom ..

Of Rose and Cruelty

A terrifying monster of a beast has captured Gervais's lady love, and he will stop at nothing to sav..