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Wenebojo's Upcoming Bookcasts

The stories that are shown in this area are those that will soon be added to the ever-expanding catalog of the tales from the Storyteller. The tales listed here include original books and stories of various lengths and cover diverse genres. 

As soon as a story is set into the All Chaos Press production process, it will be shown in the appropriate month, so that you can see when those that match your interest or curiosity will be upcoming. This is a fluid placement, with some stories speeding through the complex process and others that take a bit more time to meet our standards.

Although they are in the production process during the identified month, it does not necessarily mean that the story will be available in that month. However, it does indicate the approximate release. Wenebojo is currently scheduling stories for the upcoming 4 months. Our talented authors are producing more each week, and so the list grows. 

It is the current goal to release a minimum of 140 hours of new bookcasts each month. Although ambitious, it is our belief that it will allow us to offer an ever-fresh and evolving catalog of stories to amuse you and invite you into the wonderful worlds of the Phoenix Prime authors.

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Second Chances

Suffering from Agoraphobia, Jane Dulaney lives in a high-rise NY apartment that she never ventures o..

Secrets Revealed - BH1 - PG-Rated

Jacqui Schneider couldn't help it. Every time the memories of her family's brutal murder haunted her..

Shade of Honor

How could it have come to this?? Bereft of their elders in magic, hired out to strangers to feed the..


Sometimes growing up happens all at once. The old folks in Shep’s village live in fear of monsters,..


A young couple stop to see a street show, but the Showman has a devilish aspect that might be more r..


After the events in Red, her sister missing, Thistle Grove's Baron is missing, and war is imminent. ..

Songbird's Treasure

Jack Harper is used to having the world answer his demands. But when he meets chanteuse Maggie Monro..

Stinger Jacked

The Free Humanity Movement (FHM) resistance hatches a plan to steal a Stinger Class assault ship fro..

Stone Azuria

The world is in danger. Can two of the newest heroes help save it? James dreamed of being an Ardent..

Strange World

A simple trip to the grocery store for a nine-year-old boy turns into chaos fairly quickly. Whoops...

Street Angels

The Tok twins meet Stefan, King of the Street Children...

Stronger Together

As a particularly virulent strain of ransomware virus attacks Europe, not even the families of Harpe..


In this timely fairy tale, an innocent Sophie has a sexual revelation. Why should society punish the..

That Fateful Night

Stacey Winterfield can hardly handle her grief over losing her twin brother Steve, but there's somet..

The Art of the Grift with the Grifter Sisters

After the debacle of their last con, Hannah and Sammie are on the run. With trouble behind and aroun..

The Awful Truth Behind the Masks

Lester Brown is a coachman who looks at those of Spitlock Manor as being un-Godly. He never thought ..

The Battle for the Disputed Lands

Part 4 in a 4 part series - anthology How Geirald the Coward was Punished Adela takes her place as ..

The Cadre Files

Compilation of BMI stories including character studies and three other stories...