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Wenebojo's Upcoming Bookcasts

The stories that are shown in this area are those that will soon be added to the ever-expanding catalog of the tales from the Storyteller. The tales listed here include original books and stories of various lengths and cover diverse genres. 

As soon as a story is set into the All Chaos Press production process, it will be shown in the appropriate month, so that you can see when those that match your interest or curiosity will be upcoming. This is a fluid placement, with some stories speeding through the complex process and others that take a bit more time to meet our standards.

Although they are in the production process during the identified month, it does not necessarily mean that the story will be available in that month. However, it does indicate the approximate release. Wenebojo is currently scheduling stories for the upcoming 4 months. Our talented authors are producing more each week, and so the list grows. 

It is the current goal to release a minimum of 140 hours of new bookcasts each month. Although ambitious, it is our belief that it will allow us to offer an ever-fresh and evolving catalog of stories to amuse you and invite you into the wonderful worlds of the Phoenix Prime authors.

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The Christmas Gift

Sometimes the largest gift that is given is to the gifter, not the person that receives the it. This..

The Cost of Grief

A young girl endures the price of grief and suffering and is forever changed, not necessarily for th..

The Cost of Love

A young baron wishes to be anywhere but at a ball until he spies a young lady who most certainly doe..

The Cost of Magic

Three sisters love to go on adventures and wind up in the land of fairies and learn almost too late ..

The Cost of Power

King Hubert has found love with the Lady Angelique, stepmother to none other than the powerful Eleon..

The Cost of Rage

This tragic tale details the transformation from young boy to terrible man to a wicked, cursed beast..

The Cost of Treachery

To show his gratitude for a poor couple saving his life, a king offers his daughter to their son. Al..

The Cranky Rose Bush

What happens when an uptown rose meets a downtown ladybug?..

The day we knew the world had changed

Casey and her family are on their way back home after an idyllic day spent at a lake when they see a..

The Demon of Darkwood Keep

Do not enter this tale expecting lightness and joy. You will find little of that within these pages..

The End of Denial

The End of Denial is an Urban Fantasy with a difference. Set in a bleakly conservative world where W..

The Fairy's Katana

Lady Adela of Stone Keep was a dutiful daughter. When King Lucian calls upon the first born child of..

The Fin of Dread

Adelaide is a seven-year-old sea dragon slave. She may be young, but she's had enough. More than eno..

The Gift of Fashion

Even in the Badger Hold Bar, the gift of fashion is more than a shallow expression of regard. “How y..

The Great Pixie Battle of Longbow Keep

*part 1 of 4 part story to be told over 4 anthologies* Faylinn of the Blessing Court was sent to th..

The Hand of Alarm

The dragons have taken much from human slave Harrock, including his right arm, yet he still wishes t..

The Incidental Vacation

Jane is ready for a new life, which starts at a vacation estate hosted by a pretty matchmaker named ..

The Jacket

In an endless wasteland, can one man make a difference?..

The Last of the Gardonians

The ka'Thar, an alien warrior race, is searching for an escaped prisoner who holds the key to the Un..

The Liberation of Thorn Hill Keep

Following the Reaver Wars, is Lady Adela is sent to Thorn Hill Keep to marry its evil lord, is she b..

The Lonely Dead

Two children, a shortcut, and a memory lost in time..

The Mystery of Treasure Cove

Mother and daughter sleuths, Zoey and Claire Kane, fly to their favorite island getaway. While there..