June Works

June Works

In the Pipeline for June

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of June. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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A Conversation

A short followup to Prometheus Rescue..

A Demonic Disturbance

A random series of attacks, or part of a more sinister plot? The Daemonicon has been stolen. Jack an..

A Mongrel, A Bard and Witches, Oh My!

Everything had changed. One minute I was working on a difficult case, with no idea that the supernat..

A Royal Reunion

Girls like her don’t get to be Cinderella… Emi Adebayo is a servant’s daughter. On the island of Ye..

A Shifter Walks into a Bar

Twenty-year-old leopard shifter Jessie Campos is coming home from Vietnam in December of 1968. Will ..

A Time Apart

None at this time, waiting to see what book wants to be..

A Yen for Murder

On a sultry summer night in Santa Monica, the only thing hotter than the busy city streets is murder..

BeSwitched in TIme

When Surla returns home from her hexed adventure to the Morreau Kingdom, she finds nothing is the sa..

BeSwitched Witch

When magical black cat Surla crosses paths with her ex-witch, the outrageous and hot-tempered Idis, ..

Breaking Hope

What if Pandora wasn't a blight on the human race but a heroine in her own right?..

Cruise to Murder

Zoey and her daughter Claire are ready for a vacation, where they can cruise to Kinikiwiki and be wo..

Cyber Heist - Kill Code

Tyler Wilkens is tasked with cleaning up a problem he believed he had previously completed in order ..

Damien's Art

Damien is a sculptor who puts everything he has into his art. He has been given the chance to put on..

Dark Star

Character Study about Rance Cooper's tragic love story...

Dear Kitty Collection - A Harper Mill's Historical

Despite being a witch with the power of Sight, Katherine Evans is a practical woman and devoted to h..


Precursor/Character Study of Rance Cooper. Star Streaker #3..

Distorted Gust

Magic. Training. And Danger. What will await Alexi at Elementalist school this year? It surely can’t..

First Anton Tok Letter

Anton and Orenda have fallen in love in Budapest. Their story will appear in Prime Romance. For now,..

Flowers Between Stones

little seeds find places to grow that aren't popular but as it turns out, the best for them..

Fugitives' Gamble

Smuggler Captain Rance Cooper must decide which is worse-getting sent home to get married or fightin..