June Works

June Works

In the Pipeline for June

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of June. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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Aliens in the Outfield

A case of murder amidst crop circles has the mother-daughter sleuths, Zoey and Claire Kane, wonderin..

Apple-Cinnamon Pie

A fourteen year old girl attends a therapy group for survivors of attacks from otherworldly creature..

Daydream on Half Moon Cay

Twenty-seven-year-old Anneliese Bryant is at her class reunion on Dragonfly Cruise Lines when she me..

Just in Time for Christmas

It's Greer and Duff's first Christmas as a married couple when they both get some surprising news...

Maiden Passages

Tichiba narrates the story of her life as a wise woman of the Iceni tribe starting in year one...

Over the Garden Fence

While her children and husband are busy in school and work, Nadine has been uprooted from her comfor..

Predatory Behavior

No memory, no history, just living on the edge. Lost is up and moving through a world that he does n..

Rolling a Turkey

Brownies are on the loose and trying their hand at a new game - frozen turkey bowling...

Shade of Honor

How could it have come to this?? Bereft of their elders in magic, hired out to strangers to feed the..

The Battle for the Disputed Lands

Part 4 in a 4 part series - anthology How Geirald the Coward was Punished Adela takes her place as ..

The Gift of Fashion

Even in the Badger Hold Bar, the gift of fashion is more than a shallow expression of regard. “How y..

Time in a Bottle

Healer Olivia Evans uses her skills to help WW1 veteran...

When the Cat Comes Calling

When a kitten is left on Karl's doorstep, his life changes in a way he never imagined...