August Works

August Works

In the Pipeline for August

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of August. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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Bond of a Lifetime

Hardwork and determination go a long way to achieving a goal. But with dragons, it’s the heart that’..

Breach of Protocol

When safety protocols are ignored, an unscrupulous scientist creates an event of apocalyptic proport..

Breath of Disaster

Dodging assassins is tough, but teenage years are the real killer! Alexi sometimes feels like he wi..

Brewermaster and the Beekeeper

Fat Outline for Brewer and the Beekeeper/ for BHB..

By Any other Name

Seventeen-year-old Rafe Frost has just met a girl he could really like. If his own mouth, his past, ..

Can I be your Hero?

Identical twins Blue Daniel and Taylor John Scott have been on their own since leaving foster care a..


Space opera. A single human must work on a spaceship full of centaur-like beings to complete a joint..


When a wyvern wreaks havoc within the inner courtyard of Balgeron Castle , the workers and servants ..

Cursed Mother

I was young. I was foolish. I ended up getting a divorce and cursed by my ex’s new partner. I didn’..

Cyber Heist

A virus has infected the World Government's computer systems and is spreading like wildfire. If the ..

Cyber Heist - Coup D’état

Wilkens is hired by the former world government to expose OmniClon Universal's role in the viral att..


The Lady Traveler, Star Child Grace, is a Walker, one of those that can travel between the planes of..

Death of a Saleswoman

Romance author Season Jones has a bone to pick with life-coach Glory Candella. Candella has been che..

Demon Installation

Anton and Nikolai are desperate. Their sister's life is at stake, and the only way they can save her..

Eier and Urh Sun and Moon Cats

Twin cats enslaved for their power still have the ability to influence and shape their world...

Familiar Shadows

Some days are just BAD. A couple of thousand feet in the air, hanging from eagle talons and bleeding..

Familiar Travels

Home is where they have to take you in. Right? After the drama and danger of her experience at the ..

Familiar Trials - Fledgling

Slave or partner? Bond or shackles? Dascha swore that she would never become a slave to a witch, us..

Fashion Forward

Picture a pocket dimension, floating in chaos and waiting... Waiting for some great need or a challe..

Fiend UnVamped

Marcello is faced with the difficult task of balancing his humanity side against the dark curse of h..