August Works

August Works

In the Pipeline for August

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of August. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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The Cost of Grief

A young girl endures the price of grief and suffering and is forever changed, not necessarily for th..

The Cranky Rose Bush

What happens when an uptown rose meets a downtown ladybug?..

The day we knew the world had changed

Casey and her family are on their way back home after an idyllic day spent at a lake when they see a..

The Fairy's Katana

Lady Adela of Stone Keep was a dutiful daughter. When King Lucian calls upon the first born child of..

The Fin of Dread

Adelaide is a seven-year-old sea dragon slave. She may be young, but she's had enough. More than eno..

The Great Pixie Battle of Longbow Keep

*part 1 of 4 part story to be told over 4 anthologies* Faylinn of the Blessing Court was sent to th..

The Jacket

In an endless wasteland, can one man make a difference?..

The Last of the Gardonians

The ka'Thar, an alien warrior race, is searching for an escaped prisoner who holds the key to the Un..

The Liberation of Thorn Hill Keep

Following the Reaver Wars, is Lady Adela is sent to Thorn Hill Keep to marry its evil lord, is she b..

The Perfect Day

Lisa's perfect day isn't a typical fantasy...

The Power of No

Dan is a man who couldn't say no. This gets him into lots of trouble, especially when a strange old ..

The Proper Amenities

Bailey Wilson is enjoying a cruise to the Bahamas for her tenth class reunion. But an unexpected tur..

The Remembrance Wall

Who will hold your memories when you are gone?..

The Revenge of Pooky Poo

Pooky Pooky Poo, where are you? At 51-year-old Adri Collins’ Beverly Hills mansion, things are heat..

The Summer of Stephen King

What happens when an imaginative girl meets an author she can't forget?..

The Turning Point

Nostalgia tastes like root beer, sweet and dark. Teri is sinking in a morass of pain. Her dream of ..

Trapped in Winter

winter flurries series, trapper finds family farm and gives them the news..

Unwed and Dead

Victor St. John thinks stunning news reporter Lacey Ling is his match made in Heaven, even after she..

We Are Not Prey

How deep is a mother’s love? Will determination and honor carry you among the stars? A story of loss..

What Time Is It Mr Wolf

Winn Tok and friend Kevin follow up on the cyber attack on Gurke Pharmaceuticals but somehow everyth..

When the Cat Comes Calling

When a kitten is left on Karl's doorstep, his life changes in a way he never imagined...