October Works

October Works

In the Pipeline for October

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of October. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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A Dose of Medicine for the Grifter Sisters

After fleeing Philadelphia, Hannah and Sammie wind up in Apple Blossom, NC. The small town seems ide..

A Heightened Sense of Excitement

Tara Andrews is an ordinary woman who has a secret that makes this an unusual day, and even the thou..

A Home for her Hawk

A single mom burned by love + a sexy hawk shifter with a life-altering injury = a love they can’t de..

A Home for the Grifter Sisters

Finally back in Apple Blossom, North Carolina, Hannah and Sammie still have another lesson to learn...

A Magical Awareness

Tristin's mother has fallen ill. No Sage can save her. In his grief, his father believes only magic ..

A Magical Crisis

The crazed Queen of the Grand Kingdom wishes to rule all of Magicae. Her biggest obstacle? Gavin, Mi..

A Magical Disaster

Gavin, Millie, Ethan, and Rafe barely have time to celebrate when they're plunged into yet another m..

A Magical Journey

Gavin, Ethan, and Millie have faced so much already and more hardships are to come. They have accom..

A Magical Odyssey

It is more than past time for Ethan, Millie, and Gavin to return home to save Rafe. Only one problem..

A Magical Scheming

Queen Tatiana Diurant is determined to be the most feared queen of all. First, she spreads a rumor t..

A Magical Sickness

Rafe and his four friends love to get into trouble. When they suggest they finally explore an abando..

Back to School with the Grifter Sisters

Now on the run, Sammie and Hannah face their first challenge at West Philadelphia High School...

Blood Messages

Tyler Scott is a teenager has been betrayed by someone he thought was his friend. When that betrayal..

Broomstick Breakdown

When local witch Tabitha Evans breaks down on the side of the road right before Halloween, will her ..

Broomsticks and Pumpkins

Small town Witch Tabby Evans is in charge of the daycare center's Halloween party...

Christmas Comes To Harlow

Angus and Harlow have known each other for a long time. When he comes back to town sparks fly...

Christmas with his Leopard

Long-Range Reconnosaince Expert, Sun Rhee has come to Silver Fells to relax and grow comfortable bei..

Cloudy with a chance of a Thanksgiving Romance

Bear Knuckle Brawlers fighter Tank Walker comes to Silver Fells, North Carolina to train for an upco..

Coven Codex

Zhanna has a vision, one of the return of honor to the Witches and Mercenaries of Russia. Making th..

Dandelion Wishes

Born into a family of light mages, eighteen-year-old Violet Race knows her place in the universe and..

Daydream on Half Moon Cay

Twenty-seven-year-old Anneliese Bryant is at her class reunion on Dragonfly Cruise Lines when she me..

Fifty Fifty

A trickster tale for Wenebojo stories. What happens when two brothers share a farm and have to split..

Gargoyle's Bar

A reporter wants nothing more than a drink and a moment to unwind in her favorite bar. Instead, she ..

Girls just want to solve Crimes

A dead body, a torn sweater, and a missing piece of tacky garage sale jewelry are the only clues Cri..

Halloween in Bakersfield

Mackenzie and his delightful daughter Gabby enjoying their Halloween traditions...


Anton has succeeded in creating a virus strong enough to ruin nations. Now, he and his brother must ..

Her Lonely Mastiff

After retiring from the Shifter Special Forces, Quinn Maxwell returns to his home in the mountains o..

Home For Christmas

An introspective view on grown children visiting home over Christmas, this poem is woven with the th..