May Works

May Works

In the Pipeline for May

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of May. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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A Home for the Grifter Sisters

Finally back in Apple Blossom, North Carolina, Hannah and Sammie still have another lesson to learn...

A Kitten-in-Waiting New

A Kitten-in-Waiting

Even the ever cheerfully Wynn has days, or weeks when life is challenging. With an experience that h..

A Sign of Life

Two teenagers try to save the world after a science experiment goes awry...

Bond of a Lifetime

Hardwork and determination go a long way to achieving a goal. But with dragons, it’s the heart that’..

Bookstore off State Street

What if you could feel what the characters in a book feel? The tactile comfort of being in a real ol..

Dandelion Wishes

Born into a family of light mages, eighteen-year-old Violet Race knows her place in the universe and..


The Lady Traveler, Star Child Grace, is a Walker, one of those that can travel between the planes of..

Double Wedding New

Double Wedding

Annie Singer wanted a life that wasn’t cooped up in a dark room with noisy, dusty machinery all day...

Eier and Urh Sun and Moon Cats

Twin cats enslaved for their power still have the ability to influence and shape their world...

Elizabeth's Petals

A short magical peek into Harper's Mill...

Familiar Shadows

Some days are just BAD. A couple of thousand feet in the air, hanging from eagle talons and bleeding..

Here Come the Grifter Sisters

Hannah Cooper and her foster sister Sammie have worked picking pockets and running scams for their g..


The wear and tear of daily life can drain your spirit. Sometimes, if you are very fortunate, someth..

Room 215

As a single woman travels the highways, she stumbles across a crime in process...

Stronger Together

As a particularly virulent strain of ransomware virus attacks Europe, not even the families of Harpe..

We Are Not Prey

How deep is a mother’s love? Will determination and honor carry you among the stars? A story of loss..