August Works

August Works

In the Pipeline for August

The stories that are listed in this category are those scheduled for action in the month of August. They will not necessarily be completed in this month, but they will either be released during the month or at the beginning of the following month.

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A Cherry in the Hand is Worth Two on the Dress

Braden Decker has a surprise for his mom, but his sister Isabelle has a bigger surprise in store for..

A Dish Served Sweet

The Sons of Dmitry have been up to their usual mischief and mayhem. But this time, they've gone too ..

A Ghostly Dare

Hide and seek just got a spectral twist. Zoey’s favorite frenemy, Penny Simcox, is in desperate nee..

A HOLE Workday

Bureaucracy, espionage, and assassination are no strangers here in the forest, where the unexpected ..

A Home for the Queen

A short intro story for the Badger Hole Dirty Bucket Brewery..

A Jersey Tomato

Rejected once too many times, Olivia Evans takes matters into her own hands to convince August Jacob..

A Magical Adventure

When Rafe contracts a magical sickness, what else can his friends do but set off to find magic and h..

A Magical Misadventure

Millie and her friends remain stuck in the past. Luckily, a wyvern is willing to make a deal. Recove..

A Mama for Paisley

Paisley sets out to find a Mama, even getting the help of Santa...

A Mongrel's Curse

The Mongrel. He’s the guy that gets sought after for the scary shit, when those religious hunters a..

A Pit Bull Named Desire - Journal 2

When a single mom goes to pick up a cat from a shelter, she meets a pit bull named Desire...

A Shifter Walks into a Bar

Twenty-year-old leopard shifter Jessie Campos is coming home from Vietnam in December of 1968. Will ..

A Sign of Life

Two teenagers try to save the world after a science experiment goes awry...

A Storm to Remember

January 12, 1888, is an eventful date for 19-year-old teacher Astrid Shattuck. Ford Linton has asked..

Adjusted Course

Her best friend is gone. What will Sam do? Sam lives on the bottom level of the layered city that i..

Alan's Awakening

The dangerous fog hanging above Claymore is causing a lot of problems, and Alan’s parents have decid..

Aliens in the Outfield

A case of murder amidst crop circles has the mother-daughter sleuths, Zoey and Claire Kane, wonderin..

Altered Assignments

The world isn't fair. Alex and Ryan battle both the people and the evil Mara Corp. for their freedo..

An Absent Gale

Prophecy. Bane or blessing? Alexi does not know which way to go. Everyone and everything is pulling..

An Immortal Calling

emon by blood. Hero by choice. Demonic creatures have been conjured from Hell. The streets of New Sa..

Apple-Cinnamon Pie

A fourteen year old girl attends a therapy group for survivors of attacks from otherworldly creature..

Autumn Daring and the Mystery of the Rune Stone

Journalism student at McKeever University of Magic, Autumn Daring is chasing an assignment to find t..

Autumn Kisses

Bree Decker has crushed on her brother's best friend since they first moved to Harper's Mill, NJ fiv..


Surla and Cathy have a HUGE secret! After spending hundreds of years as a familiar to an abusive w..