A Shifter Walks into a Bar

A Shifter Walks into a Bar
Twenty-year-old leopard shifter Jessie Campos is coming home from Vietnam in December of 1968. Will the world be the way he left it? Or will the America he once knew have changed? There were and are many people that have served in our military that find that life has changed forever while they have been gone. Whatever the conflict or time, the feelings of regret and discordance, of not belonging any longer, are painful and alienating. The story from this Phoenix Prime author touches the heart of this abyss, where those that have sacrificed for our society find themselves misunderstood and out of step with the family and life that they once had. It also offers those of us that have not lived that agony a small window on how frightening it can be to not be able to really go home again. Thankfully, the story leaves us with hope for the future and promise of reconnection to light the way, so that we can believe that life will go on and joy may someday be rediscovered.
Author Name Summer Donnelly
Author Profile Page Summer Donnelly
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Bookcast Runtime 00:00
Universe and Series
Series Name Shifter Special Forces

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