A Ghostly Dare

A Ghostly Dare
Hide and seek just got a spectral twist. Zoey’s favorite frenemy, Penny Simcox, is in desperate need of help. Her dear Aunt Mavis Mervel has passed away under mysterious circumstances, which is bad enough. Now it turns out that the old lady’s will is forcing a treasure hunt at her falling-down, condemned mansion! What a horrendous mess! Questions about her death, and trying to stay at a wreck of an old house is tough enough. To make matters even worse, the babbling ghost of the recently deceased woman is haunting them! The only thing that Penny can think to do is yell loudly for help, no matter how hard that is to swallow. It’s time to bring Zoey and her daughter Claire in on the ghostly dare.
Author Name Claire Kane
Author Profile Page Claire Kane
Publication Info
Bookcast Runtime 00:00
Universe and Series
Series Name Z & C Mysteries