A Royal Reunion

A Royal Reunion
Girls like her don’t get to be Cinderella… Emi Adebayo is a servant’s daughter. On the island of Yedan that means she has no social rank. She knows that aspiring above her station only leads to disappointment. It’s hard not to hope though when the one thing she wants is the love of the prince. His Royal Highness Prince Taiwo of Yedan takes his duty to his country seriously. Nothing distracts him. That’s true until the only girl he’s ever wanted comes back into his life. Despite the friendship they once shared, Emi and Prince Taiwo come from two different worlds. Disapproval, judgment, and shame caused her to run from him once. When they meet again, can they find love or will fear keep them apart? Find out in this prologue novella set in the Royals of Yedan universe.
Author Name Viola Mae Holt
Author Profile Page Viola Mae Holt
Publication Info
Bookcast Runtime 00:00
Universe and Series
Series Name The Royals of Yedan

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