Autumn Kisses

Autumn Kisses
Bree Decker has crushed on her brother's best friend since they first moved to Harper's Mill, NJ five years ago. But she just can't shake the role of "kid sister" to the boy she's fallen in love with. Jim Harper is away at college and feeling alone and lonely. His best friend's little sister has been growing up and he's definitely noticed. He's been not-so-very patiently waiting for her to turn 18 so he can ask her out. But then he gets a message from a mysterious woman claiming to be a college freshman. When he goes home for his Thanksgiving break, will Bree and Jim be able to meet each other as equals? Or will the intriguing Monique win his heart?
Author Name Summer Donnelly
Author Profile Page Summer Donnelly
Publication Info
Bookcast Runtime 00:00
Universe and Series
Series Name Witches of Warren County