An Immortal Calling

An Immortal Calling
emon by blood. Hero by choice. Demonic creatures have been conjured from Hell. The streets of New Sanctum are thick with the stench of sulfur and rot, and no-one is safe. Only one man can hope to save the city from savage destruction and brutal, horrifying deaths. Jackson Kade has demon blood in his veins and hate in his heart. He is tough, uncompromising, and driven by a rage that all but consumes him. It will take every ounce of strength and courage he possesses to send the loathsome beasts back to Hell. If he fails, it could cost not just his life, but the lives of everyone in the city. And what if the attacks aren't random, but part of a more sinister plot?
Author Name Ryland Thorn
Author Profile Page Ryland Thorn
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Bookcast Runtime 00:00
Universe and Series
Series Name The Daemonicon Chapters