Halloween Valentine

Halloween Valentine
Halloween, the night when the veil between this world and the one behind it is the thinnest. For Morgan, the time is inconvenient at best to visit the Warlock to whom he owes a child. Especially since he woke up with horns growing out of his head. For the half-Fae, this could be a sign of desire or one that marks him as prey in the traditional hunt. Unable to refuse the call of his oath, he heads for the Warlock’s house. A strange Valentine, but what else could a man touched by Fate expect?
Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Episode 1 - Samhain Eve 12.59
2 Episode 2 - Appropriate Courting? 11.18
Author Name Paul C. Middleton
Author Profile Page Paul C. Middleton
Publication Info
Episode Count 2
Bookcast Runtime 24:17
Universe and Series
Series Name Meet the Author Series

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Tags: fantasy, magic, romance, paranormal