Hunter's Moon Magic

Hunter's Moon Magic
What happens when a pizza delivery witch meets up with a jerk in a red Porsche? Tabby Evans was zipping around her town's back roads, delivering fresh, hot pizza when she comes across a shiny red car in the middle of the road. As the October winds blow around them, the attraction is instant. And electric. Come join me on the next ride in the Witches of Warren County series where local seer Tabby Evans meets up with the grandson of the most powerful wizard Harper's Mill has ever seen.
Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Episode 1 – Broomsticks and Pizza 18.11
2 Episode 2 – Cold Pizza and Conversation 15.45
Author Name Summer Donnelly
Author Profile Page Summer Donnelly
Publication Info
Episode Count 2
Bookcast Runtime 33:56
Universe and Series
Series Name Witches of Warren County

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Tags: fantasy, magic, romance