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A Dog's Day Afternoon

A dog's work is never done, especially when he has to play match-maker for his man-servant...

A Needed Visit

In the town of Pipers Beach, magic is as much a part of life as breathing. When magic and the love o..

Cat Haiku

Ever wonder what your cats are telling you? Perhaps they are reciting poetry! If they were, it migh..

Christmas Pup Pastries

Quinn, a Siamese cat, took on the task of training Elston, an exuberant puppy, to be a proper witch'..

Dancing Playtoy New

Dancing Playtoy

Evil cat plus sleeping human plus toilet paper equals FUN! At least for the feline!..

Love and a Good Dog

Sometimes, second chances at love need to have help! And what better help can you get than a beloved..

Magical Acorn Caper

Anticipation makes an event more appreciated. Quinn is on pins and needles, waiting for a special de..

Making a Difference with the Grifter Sisters

Seventeen-year-old Sammie Theroux goes to a local shelter to adopt a cat for Christmas. What she dis..

Miracle at the Third on Fourth Street Cafe

Recently widowed Mary Baldwin is out for a walk one day when she meets an elderly gentleman with a w..

Must Like Dogs

There was a dog on Amity Parker's enclosed patio. Again. You would think that fences would keep thi..

Rocks and Puppies

A father tries an innovative way to teach his daughter responsibility and is surprised by her compas..

Savannah Makes a Dogs Day

Savannah gets an idea when she imagines herself a dog and provides a warm-hearted adventure that bri..

Walkin' the Dog

Teenagers just think that they know everything!..