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A Girl and Her Dragon

A young woman and her companion dragon are flying! The training is paying off and their bond is grow..

A Kitten-in-Waiting

Even the ever cheerfully Wynn has days, or weeks when life is challenging. With an experience that h..

A Learning Experience

The final graduation exercise for a pair of university students takes a surprising set of turns and ..

Blueberry Cheesecake Magic

In the town of Pipers Beach, magic is as much a part of life as breathing. A mother of three finds t..

Broomstick Breakdown

When local witch Tabitha Evans breaks down on the side of the road right before Halloween, will her ..

Broomsticks and Pumpkins

Small town Witch Tabby Evans is in charge of the daycare center's Halloween party...

Calvin's Wee Dragon

Rannon's younger brother Calvin has a magic moment...

Cat Nap

Savannah sees a whole new world when she imagines that she is a house cat...

Cloudy with a chance of a Thanksgiving Romance

Bear Knuckle Brawlers fighter Tank Walker comes to Silver Fells, North Carolina to train for an upco..

Crumbling Under Pressure

Crumbling under pressure w/ Apple crumble recipie..


A new taxi service has opened in town, inexpensive and very responsive. It is called Destinations an..

Halloween Action Figures

This flash fiction from a great Phoenix Prime author is an amusing supershort that still manages to ..

Halloween Valentine

Halloween, the night when the veil between this world and the one behind it is the thinnest. For Mor..

Hunter's Moon Magic

What happens when a pizza delivery witch meets up with a jerk in a red Porsche? Tabby Evans was zip..

I Need it Now

Online shopping goes awry and threatens a loving couple's relationship...

I've got an App for that!

Greer, the mermaid, learns a valuable lesson after Duff gives her the first cell phone with lots of ..

Knit One Claw Two

The end of one phase of our life and the start of a new one is like the turning of the years. This l..

Monster Alert

Six-year-old Risha is happy to help in her parent's magic shop. But when the dragonstone necklace bu..

Mouse Dance

Savannah becomes a mouse and finds excitement and joy in everyday things...

Ocean Dance New

Ocean Dance

Savannah's imagination takes her below the sea...

Payment in Kind

The Badger Hole Bar is always busy. Sometimes people can pay, others cannot. Those that truly want ..

Randiculous and Speed Dating

When Randiculous' brothers harass him into attending a speed dating event, he finds out what can hap..

Randiculous Close Shave

Some days just start out wrong! A shaving mishap and a unexpected reflection push Rannon into an ear..

Savannah the Butterfly

Savannah imagines herself as a butterfly and learns something new about her brother Calvin...

Slip into the Bookstore off State Street

There is a book store off State Street, under the elevated tracks, that appears when it is needed. D..

Spooks and Wolves

This is a short about Ben and Stephanie before she is abducted by werewolves and their lives spin ou..

The First Dragon Dies

In the universe of the Mongrel, the origin of humans is tied to the Dragonkind. Faint memories of th..

Trick or Treat in Bakersfield

A fun super short about adventures on Halloween...

Wee Tree

One tree learns there is something beyond life and limb...