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A Dog's Day Afternoon

A dog's work is never done, especially when he has to play match-maker for his man-servant...

Adventures in Bobby-Sitting

While their parents go into New York City for dinner and a show, Isabelle Decker and friends babysit..

Cat Haiku

Ever wonder what your cats are telling you? Perhaps they are reciting poetry! If they were, it migh..

Christmas Pup Pastries

Quinn, a Siamese cat, took on the task of training Elston, an exuberant puppy, to be a proper witch'..

Dancing Playtoy New

Dancing Playtoy

Evil cat plus sleeping human plus toilet paper equals FUN! At least for the feline!..

Diet of Doom

Some fates are worse than death. At least in the eye of the suffering man or woman on a diet. When..


The household was adjusting to the new cat. Lots of hissing from the other cats, new balance with th..

I Need it Now

Online shopping goes awry and threatens a loving couple's relationship...

I've got an App for that!

Greer, the mermaid, learns a valuable lesson after Duff gives her the first cell phone with lots of ..

Knit One Claw Two

The end of one phase of our life and the start of a new one is like the turning of the years. This l..

Legal til you're caught

Adventures in bootlegging! What could possibly go wrong when driving illegal liquor across state lin..

Magical Acorn Caper

Anticipation makes an event more appreciated. Quinn is on pins and needles, waiting for a special de..

Paisley Makes Coffee

Paisley makes Grandpa's coffee for the first time..

Paisley the Cereal Killer

A play on words makes Paisley stand out even more than usual...

Paisley's Cold

Paisley has a cold and an unusual observation about eels and certain flavors of Popsicle..

Paisley's Ice Race

Ice skate race between Wheels and Paisley...

Randiculous and Speed Dating

When Randiculous' brothers harass him into attending a speed dating event, he finds out what can hap..

Randiculous Close Shave

Some days just start out wrong! A shaving mishap and a unexpected reflection push Rannon into an ear..

Savannah Makes a Dogs Day

Savannah gets an idea when she imagines herself a dog and provides a warm-hearted adventure that bri..

The Owl and the Pussy Cat Reborn New

The Owl and the Pussy Cat Reborn

A delightful nonsense poem by Edward Lear and reborn by Calla Adler, this is just the thing to make ..

The Perfect Boyfriend

If a person doesn't have a social media account, are they even real?..

Walkin' the Dog

Teenagers just think that they know everything!..