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A Needed Visit

In the town of Pipers Beach, magic is as much a part of life as breathing. When magic and the love o..

Betting on Her Bear

Twenty-two-year-old waitress Everly Miller has had a crush on newcomer bear shifter Zane Dixon since..

Broomstick Breakdown

When local witch Tabitha Evans breaks down on the side of the road right before Halloween, will her ..

Broomsticks and Pumpkins

Small town Witch Tabby Evans is in charge of the daycare center's Halloween party...

Cat Pose

Yoga and Special Forces Shifters. Everyone needs a chance to relax and stretch. The interaction of t..

Cloudy with a chance of a Thanksgiving Romance

Bear Knuckle Brawlers fighter Tank Walker comes to Silver Fells, North Carolina to train for an upco..

Digital-Age Drama

Through making a series of Internet faux pas, Zoey musters the courage to call an old crush...

Halloween Valentine

Halloween, the night when the veil between this world and the one behind it is the thinnest. For Mor..

Hunter's Moon Magic

What happens when a pizza delivery witch meets up with a jerk in a red Porsche? Tabby Evans was zip..

I Need it Now

Online shopping goes awry and threatens a loving couple's relationship...

Living in a Lonely World

After twenty years, his mother's marriage brings TJ Light back to Harper's Mill, New Jersey. His hom..

Love and a Good Dog

Sometimes, second chances at love need to have help! And what better help can you get than a beloved..

Must Like Dogs

There was a dog on Amity Parker's enclosed patio. Again. You would think that fences would keep thi..

The Bride Whisperer

A mail-order bride and peach cobbler come together to create a sensual delight...

The Proper Amenities

Bailey Wilson is enjoying a cruise to the Bahamas for her tenth class reunion. But an unexpected tur..